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Gavin McHugh, the youngest of 5 kids, was adopted from Riga, Latvia at age 2.5. In 2015 the family moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles to pursue opportunities in the acting industry for his older siblings, while Gavin, just starting kindergarten, was fighting to overcome many of his physical limitations caused by cerebral palsy and adapting to new physical therapists and school life.


After "tagging along" transporting his siblings to a few auditions he asked for his own audition. Lucky for him, and completely unexpected to the rest of the family, opportunities came flooding and Gavin has been extremely blessed to be working at a time when inclusivity has become so common. Some of his work (which to the delight of his siblings also acquired work for the rest of the family!) includes national commercials for Adventist Health, Lincoln Financial, Honda, Target, Walmart, Tommy Hilfiger, an interview for KTLA, photo shoots for the covers of Family Fun Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, and PR and advertisements for Shane's Inspiration, The Mighty Underdogs, A Walk on Water, and Inspired by Drive.


In his free time he loves playing with his siblings (especially at Shane's Inspiration's playgrounds), swimming, surfing, playing at the beach, singing, and reading books, BUT his favorite thing in the world is "going to set" to act and make new friends! He loves his character for 9-1-1 so much that he asks to be called Christopher "all the time- not just on set".


His siblings are Flynn McHugh, Logan McHugh, Shea McHugh and Lia McHugh.


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